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Mazańcowice 57

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Industrial House

Applied solutions
  • Large-sized and panoramic window
  • Customised architectural windows
The living space is surrounded by a 25-meter structure (2.8 m high) of modern aluminum windows. The glazing line includes glass-to-glass connections, a glass corner, the so-called glass corner 90* and two sliding panels. In the upper part of the showroom, a glazing with a length of almost 10 meters (height 2.2 m) has been designed with glass-to-glass connections and one tilt and turn panel. The design is complemented by tilt and turn windows. A total of 8 structures (6 positions).
Aluminum joinery: MULTIKO Architektura Okien
Voivodeship: Silesia
Design office: Archistudio
Interior design: Janina Mruk Maciągowska
  • Multiko installation

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