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01. Our history

The history of our company began in 2003. From the very beginning of our activity we have been associated with windows and doors and the issues of proper installation.

For over 20 years we have specialised in the design and installation of large-sized, modern aluminium windows.

02. Strengths

Our work is our hobby. We specialise in architectural and large-sized windows.

Competence, quality of advice, technically advanced solutions, experience in the implementation of complex and modern projects with glass walls, close cooperation with architectural offices and assembly teams. Our own production, work in programs such as AutoCad and Revit. We work on modern devices (CNC machines, 3D scanner, mini cranes) are our strongest points.

Experience 1
Technical support 2
The highest quality 3

03. Our believes

Individual approach to each order. Individual solutions that the architecture department is working on. Own production department. High level of customer service. Experienced installers.


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04. Our team

Talented and experienced team is our greatest strength.


Maciej Mazgaj
Maciej Mazgaj Founder

The lover of beautiful, individualised architecture. Pendant of detail and quality. He grew up in the environment of a family design office. Multiko’s face. Between meetings with Investors and Architects, he speeds on his motorbike or dives chasing sharks.

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Grzegorz Damek
Grzegorz Damek Founder

Some say he is like a shadow - he is everywhere, he knows everything. Multiko’s brain and strategist. He deals with tension among the workers as well as he deals with electric currents and voltages. The best strategies come to his mind when flying gliders where he braces the wind.

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Our team

Grzegorz Żywczak
Grzegorz Żywczak Board representative

+48 519 406 154

Marcin Walczak
Marcin Walczak Project Manager / Supervision Inspector

+48 797 342 221

Łukasz Manthey
Łukasz Manthey Multiko Architektura Kraków – partner, Technical Advisor / Customer Service


Agnieszka Daniel
Agnieszka Daniel Team Lider / Customer Service


Beata Fojcik
Beata Fojcik Deputy of Team Lider / Customer Service


Monika Kubala
Monika Kubala Head of Architecture Department / Architect


Arek Kocoń
Arek Kocoń Deputy of Head of Architecture Department / Architect


Patrycja Jankowska
Patrycja Jankowska Marketing


Samanta Mikler
Samanta Mikler Complaints Department / Service


We will create windows for you, that make your dreams come true

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