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windows and doors + architecture of windows

01. Our vision

Ambitious plans require an experienced team dedicated to your vision. We are specialists in high-quality windows projects.

Building a house is both a dream come true, but also a lot of decisions that need to be made. Choosing the right windows is one of the key elements. Using our services, we offer you a complete package of services. Our team consists of long-term employees who are the most important side of the Multiko company.

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02. Our services

Modern solutions

Windows are a dynamic branch of the construction sector. We are in a constant development process and thanks to this we can create modern, large-sized glazing. Find out more about our offer.

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03. Projects

Trust and reliability of Investors and Architects. Thanks to the characteristics of our operation, we are proud of all our projects. Each one is different and unique, each realises our passion for architecture.

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04. FAQ

Below you will find answers for a few frequently asked questions.


Do you work only in the south of Poland?

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No, we work across Poland and we provide delivery of our products all over Europe.


Why do I have to meet you in the showroom or on-line?

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Aluminium windows have a wide range of possibilities (from colour selection, to accessories or selection of the appropriate system). At such meetings, we explain incomprehensible issues, advise the best solutions, discuss the smallest details - all in order to create an offer that meets your expectations and capabilities.


How long does the pricing take?

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The initial evaluation takes up to about 14 working days. It depends on the level of complexity of the sent task. Before you receive a price offer, we always invite you to a meeting in one of our showrooms (or online), the meeting is conducted by your customer service.

We will create windows for you, that make your dreams come true

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