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01. Our services

Windows are a dynamic branch of the construction sector. We are in a constant development process and thanks to this we can create modern, large-sized glazing.

Our services consist of external and internal glazings, front doors, winter gardens and all-glass bannisters.

All-glass bannisters

All-glass bannisters are a good alternative to traditional bannisters. They draw the line, protect against falling and at the same time are practically invisible. Thanks to the appropriate selection of glass, the bannister is safe, the connection between the panes are practically invisible. Such a solution can be used inside or outside of the building. It is aesthetic and modern.

Examples of projects

Winter gardens

How many of us dreamed about a year-round oasis of peace – winter garden or conservatory? When designing a winter garden (conservatory) it should be remembered that it is a specific type of construction. Depending on whether it is a freestanding building or part of a building, it is necessary to choose the right type of structure and glazing. Of course, we offer advice and help in choosing the right glazing. Together we can create an exclusive house for plants or space where you can drink tea on winter evenings.

Examples of projects

Aluminium façade

Are aluminium façades used in single-family buildings? This solution is mainly associated with office buildings. And of course, in this type of construction, this is a common solution. Aluminium façades also entered the zone of building family houses. Thanks to this, we can offer glazing that extends over several floors. Another possibility that aluminium façades give us is roof glazing. Such a solution can illuminate rooms or covered terraces.

Examples of projects

Large-sized/ panoramic window

More and more modern house designs are modelled on huge, large-sized glazings. The designs are based on all-glass walls with minimal partitions. Aluminium panoramic windows are a great opportunity for design. We can create windows that will create glass walls (also sliding ones). Every such glazing is designed and individual solutions tailored to the building are created. Design works are supervised by our architects – people passionate about aluminium windows.

Examples of projects

Thin frame/ frameless windows

Architectural sliding windows, which are characterised by a very narrow visible profile – its width is only 25 mm! With such a profile, we can create a modern large-sized window, in which the window frame is reduced to a minimum. It is an excellent solution where natural light should be an integral part of the rooms and the external world without visual barriers. This is a new generation of windows, and our architectural departement is always working on their design. Each project is individually analysed, we create personalised, individual solutions. Each window creates a new story.

Examples of projects

Glazing of the internal partition

Interior glass walls can both divide and connect different rooms. We can create fixed or sliding parts. That gives you unlimited possibilities to manage the interior without losing access to natural light and privacy. We design and install glass walls e.g. to separate functions inside the building. The design is combined with a practical approach to the space inside the rooms.

Examples of projects

We will create windows for you, that make your dreams come true

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